Wedding Package Frequently Asked Questions

Can I change the packages?

Yes and No. Some changes are possible and others are not.

You may -

  • Change Flower colors.
  • Change Ribbon colors.
  • Add coutoure elements to coordinate with your dress.
  • Add family heirloom elements.
  • Change the Style of the bouquet from hand tied to nosegay or nosegay to hand tied.
  • Request that a certain type of flower not be used in which case we will select an appropriate substitute in the same price category.
  • Add Items within the Package Offering such as additional corsages.
  • Add Items from our Catalogue

You may not -

  • Remove items from a package.
  • Split items from a package. ie. turn one bouquet into 2 smaller bouquets.
  • Change the flower types within a package.
  • Change from nosegay to cascade.

Will a package be as nice as selecting the items individually?

Absolutely! We are a quality florist with decades of experience and each order is given the same consideration and attention to detail. Our families live, work, worship and play in the community and our reputation is one of our most imporatant assets. Our packages have not been designed to be "cheap" but to provide honest value. By coordinating the most often requested items we streamline the ordering, buying and design process. This equates to better value for you.

Will I still get a wedding consultation?

Yes, there is still much work to do to insure that your wishes are carried out to your complete satisfaction. We will need to discuss colors, style, customizations, delivery instructions, times, and much more. We would like to seen photos you have, a picture of your dress and color swatches you may have. The consultation is a very important part of our process for both you and our designers.