Frequently Asked Questions

My Wedding is in one year, when do I meet with your Wedding Consultant?

We like to have our brides meet with our consultant approximately 4 to 6 months before your wedding date. We also require that you have already booked your venue and retained our services by booking your wedding date with us.

I am not ready to book my date with you, can I have your Wedding Consultant meet with me and give me an estimate of cost?

We have provided several avenues for estimating your wedding flower cost prior to booking the date.

  • You may choose from the hundreds of selections on our site and create an order and print out for your own records.
  • You may also price out your selections from our in store terminals and take a print out home with you.
- or -
You may Book a Consulation Only without retaining our services. The charge for a consultation only is currently $50.00 and this includes one half hour with our consultant and one half hour for pricing, preparation and typing your quote. If you require more time than one half hour the rate is $12.50 per each additional 15 minutes. If you decide to book your wedding with Rose of Sharon Florist your quote charge will apply to your wedding flowers.

Why do you charge for a Wedding Consultation?

Wedding Consultations require a great deal of time to do properly. In order to provide the best product and service possible we must charge for our time as any professional does.

Why won't your Wedding Consultant give me an estimate without booking my date with you?

When our Wedding Consultant meets with you it is to enter into an agreement with you to provide flowers and services at a fixed price on a fixed date. It is extremely labor intensive to provide this service for the sole purpose of "shopping around". Therefore we have published our prices on the Internet and have them available on our in store terminals for brides to shop around prior to making a decision to use our services. It is our plan that once a bride has chosen to book her date with our firm she has visited our beautiful showroom, viewed our website and made selections, read our customer testimonials or spoken with people in the community and feels confident that she wants to place her trust with Rose of Sharon Florist.

I have already booked my venue and it is over a year from now, can your consultant meet with me now?

Yes, if you have retained our services by booking your date with us we can meet with you a year in advance of your date. However, this is not necessary and because the market conditions vary greatly with cut flowers, you can expect a higher quote than if we waited until closer to the actual date.

I want to completely book my wedding on your site and don't need to see your Wedding Consultant, is there a price reduction?

Yes, if you wish to completely book the wedding online and wish to make all selections yourself without the use of our Wedding Consultant we will give you a $50.00 credit off the price of most packages and 10% off the price of "al la carte" purchases. If you plan on doing this please contact us for a discount code prior to placing your order.

Are the prices for Wedding Flowers on your site accurate?

Yes, the prices are accurate and forecasted for the next year and assuming that you are purchasing each item individually. Often times the price will decrease depending on the season of the year and the overall number of items you are purchasing which use the same flowers. As we purchase in larger quantities the price decreases and so does the cost of your wedding flowers.

Will the prices change once I meet with your consultant and get my quote?

No, we obligate ourselves to provide a service to you even in the event market prices vary from what they were when we originally quoted our prices to you.

Can you change the items that appear on your site or do they have to look exactly like pictured?

You may change any item on our site to suit your own taste and incorporate your ideas. Use our site to give yourself an idea of style and cost in the various formats and floral types. In nearly every case the price shown can accommodate changes to the bouquet. If the size is substantially larger or smaller it may affect the price. In addition, your floral preference may change the price if the flower chosen is more or less expensive that the flowers used in the recipe for the item shown.

What should I bring to the Wedding Consultation?

Who should I bring to the Wedding Consultation?

Tell me more about the Wedding Consultation

Please go to our page About the Wedding Consultation.