Catalogue Frequently Asked Questions

Are the prices for Wedding Flowers on your site accurate?

Yes, the prices are accurate and forecasted for the next year and assuming that you are purchasing each item individually. Often times the price will decrease depending on the season of the year and the overall number of items you are purchasing which use the same flowers. As we purchase in larger quantities the price decreases and so does the cost of your wedding flowers.

Will the prices change once I meet with your consultant and get my quote?

No, we obligate ourselves to provide a service to you even in the event market prices vary from what they were when we originally quoted our prices to you.

Can you change the items that appear on your site or do they have to look exactly like pictured?

You may change any item on our site to suit your own taste and incorporate your ideas. Use our site to give yourself an idea of style and cost in the various formats and floral types. In nearly every case the price shown can accommodate changes to the bouquet. If the size is substantially larger or smaller it may affect the price. In addition, your floral preference may change the price if the flower chosen is more or less expensive than the flowers used in the recipe for the item shown.

I don't want to choose any of the items from your catalogue, can I just meet with you to discuss and custom order all my selections by description or photos I have?

Certainly! book your wedding date with us and we will be delighted to arrange a consultation with you. Please understand that our consultations are $50.00 per hour which generally breaks down to 30 minutes with you and 30 minutes for typing and pricing.