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Frequently Asked Questions

What is my Wedding Account Number

After you book your wedding date with us and it is accepted into our system you will be assigned a Wedding Account Number. This number can be found on all documents we send to you, usually above your name or in the upper right corner of the page. This account number is Six Digits starting with the letter W so wherever you see the number W00000 you are seeing your wedding account number. This number is also listed on your original booking overview.

I have booked my date, what do I do now?

In a few days you will receive your Booking Package. In your package will be a letter welcoming you and giving you the step by step instructions to insure that planning your wedding flowers goes very smoothly. We promise every step of the experience will be carefree and with your best interest in mind. Prior to receiving your Booking Package you may begin working on a flower plan if you wish by following one of the methods below.

  • Make your initial selections from our Wedding Flower Catalog and submit them to us online. When you checkout, simply use the House Charge Account form. Nothing will be due at this time and this is not a committment to an exact plan but a "starting point" for us to have a better understanding of what you like and do not like.
  • -OR-
  • Choose one of our Wedding Flower Packages and submit it to us, again using the House Charge Account checkout form.

  • -OR-
  • Print an overview of our Booking Process and follow the instructions in the packet.

I don't know my Wedding Account Number

Please just enter zeros into the form, we will look it up when your order arrives.

I booked my wedding and you have sent me my packet, can I cancel?

Sorry, We are very clear about our process. In consideration of the time and effort we have made we cannot allow cancellations. The small amount we charge to book your date, type your package, mail and the other cost incurred are only partially offset by our booking fee.