What is the Wedding Consultation About?

Your wedding consultation is, ideally, the time you will spend with the wedding planner for you to go through your vision of your wedding day. At the consultation you will have the opportunity to define your style, refine your color selections and ask the questions that are bearing on your mind. Our goal is to provide the unique opportunity for a carefree wedding day.

If you have not already provided it by return mail, please bring the following to your consultation.

  1. Color Swatches
  2. Photo of Your Dress
  3. Photos of Bouquets you like
  4. Sample of any items or decorations you will be using at your reception
  5. *Signed Color and Financial Agreement
  6. *Signed Billing Instructions

*Please keep in mind that your wedding consultant cannot continue your consultation until these items are in place. Your Wedding Consultation is an appointment booked for a period of 1 hour. It is in your best interest to return all documents prior to your appointment so your consultation is not spent on paperwork and can best be utilized planning the details of your wedding.