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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions. Thanks for visiting our Frequently Asked Questions at Santa Maria Wedding, we are pleased you are here

What methods of payment may I use on your site?

Santa Maria Wedding accepts Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover and your personal check.  We also allow you to use your pre-established store charge account. You may even pay by Gift Certificate.

Is it safe to use my credit card on your website?

It is absolutely safe  to use your credit card at Santa Maria Wedding and most other professional Internet business sites.  We as others use a secure means of transferring your order through the Internet which insures that your vital data remains private.

How long does it take for you to deliver my order?

We have a comprehensive selection guide of products and services available on our website which numbers nearly 2000 items and we can arrange delivery throughout the United States, Canada and the world.  Because of the variety of product and difference in time zones it is difficult to give an exact time frame but here are some general rules:

  • If we receive your order for zips 93434 through 93458 by 2:00 we can usually delivery the same day if you have allowed us to make substitutions to your original order on the final check-out form or if we are able to contact you for substitution information.
  • If we receive your order for all other United States and Canadian Zips by 12:00 (noon) we can usually delivery the same day if you have allowed us to make substitutions to your original order on the final check-out form or if we are able to contact you for substitution information.
  • If we receive your International Order by 12:00 (noon) we can usually arrange delivery within 2 business days. (there are exceptions to this rule)

Can I have my order delivered at an exact time?

Generally speaking we can arrange your order for same day delivery but cannot guarantee a specific time request as this displaces all other orders that have been placed with us.  In some cases we can accommodate more specific time request if it is within your budget to pay for the additional service required to accommodate your request.  Below are links to the services which we are able to accommodate, if you find one you desire simply place that item in your shopping cart along with the remainder of your purchase.

  • All other US and Canadian Postal Codes  (Not Available, call store for additional information)
  • What happens if my credit card is declined by my bank?

    First, we understand that this happens from time to time for a variety of reasons. Perhaps your payment did not post in time or your bank's authorization system is down for the period we are attempting to authorize or you may have entered an incorrect  card number. We will attempt to contact you by telephone to obtain a different credit card number. If we cannot do so we will e-mail you so that you can send us a different number or pay by check on our website.

    Can I just have you send me a bill?

    If you have previously established an account with Santa Maria Wedding we will be more than happy to send you an invoice.

    I do not have an account, can I open one?

    If you live in Zip Codes 93420, 93434, 93444, 93454, 93455, 93456, 93457, 93458, order flowers on average 6 times per year and have a good credit rating we will be delighted to open an account for you.  You may pick up an application in our store. Make certain that specify Commercial or Personal when requesting the application.

    I only order flowers once per year, can I still have an account?

    We are sorry, the cost of setting up an account, maintaining your information in our system and mailing our invoice and statements cannot be justified to our accountant for a single transaction per year.

    I had an account with Santa Maria Wedding 5 years ago and shopped with you very regularly but when I called your store to place my order today your sales person could not locate me in your computer system, what happened?

    Our computer system is designed to close inactive accounts after 18 months of inactivity.  At this point we have assumed that you have found another florist.

    Do you sell my name or other information to a third party


    What is your Privacy Policy?

    Our Privacy policy is located at this link..Privacy Policy