After You Book Your Wedding Date

After you book your wedding date with us you can expect the following. First we will review your requested date, the venue and number of guests you are planning to have and check our calendar to make sure your date is still available.

If your date is available the following will happen.

  1. We will charge your credit card the Non-Refundable Booking Deposit and book your date on our calendar. (Allow 1 Business Day)
  2. We will send you an email or note by mail that your date was accepted. (Allow 3 Business Days)
  3. Shortly thereafter we will mail your Booking Package containing several items we need to get started creating the perfect experience you deserve. (Allow 4-6 Business Days)
    • Overview of Your Submitted Information
    • Wedding Planning Worksheet to organize your thoughts
    • Financial and Color Policy Agreement
    • Wedding Planning Booklet

If your date is not available the following will happen.

  • We will send you an email, letter or telephone you and inform you that your date is not available.

I'm Ready to Book My Wedding Date